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Changing orders in the order book

Changing individual order line

To change an individual order line, click the required order line in the table in the order book.
The order data for the order line are displayed.

 Click to zoom in!

You can change the order data for the order line. Click Customer data or Note to make changes here.

You can edit or add customer data as well as edit or enter a note for an order line.

Click Save change to save the changes made in the order book.

Click Publisher address or Commercial data to view this information for an order line.

Changing several order lines

To change several order lines, you must first select the lines. For this purpose click the check boxes on the left in the table.

Then select the order data you want to change in the order lines.

Depending on the order data type, you can now make a selection in a list box or type text or a number.

Click OK, the order data for the order lines are changed.

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