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Batch search / Batch export

You can run a batch search or a batch export for up to 100 search values (the batch export must be setup in the configuration program).

In the case of the batch search the titles are saved in the memory list and displayed on the screen. In the case of the batch export the titles researched are subsequently written to an export file and can be used in external programs.

The batch search and the batch export are run with the aid of an input mask or an input file.

On the Search functions menu select the Batch search / Batch export command.

Using input mask

  • As the type of entry select the Input mask option.
    Ten fields for the entry of numbers are displayed.
  • Type the numbers for the titles. The program accepts these types of numbers: EAN, ISBN and KNV Title number is configured thus that the cursor jumps to the next number. In this way you can simply scan for up to ten titles in succession.

Using input file

For the batch export or the batch search you must first generate a list of titles. This input file is read into It must have the following format:

  • ASCII format (.txt) with one title number per line
  • In front of the digits there is an identifier for the type of number and a space after the identifier:

T = KNV title number 
E = EAN 
N = KNV document number 

T 8099951
I 3423055332
E 9783423050135
N 1972122100583

  • Click the Browse... button and select the file that contains the titles for the search. The file is allowed to contain a maximum of 100 search values.
  • If necessary, select the Open memory list immediately option.
  • Start the batch search by clicking Search.
    A dialog box confirms how many titles have been found.

Undertaking batch export

  • Instead of Display in memory list, select the Only export title data option.
  • Start the export by clicking Search.
    Depending on the setting in the configuration, the data are either exported to a file or to the Clipboard, or passed directly to a DDE application.


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