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Displaying commercial data on a title

  • Click Commercial data in the full-screen display.

The number of copies in KNV stock, retail price , any special prices such as the subscription price, the type of price, the VAT indicator and the weight are displayed.

  • Press the 5 key.

The discount and any staggered discount are also displayed.

Using the Orders and Show outstanding orders buttons you can open the order book and display orders or open orders on a title.


If there are e.g. outstanding orders for the displayed title the button will be displayed in blue. If there are no orders for the displayed title the button is greyed out.


In case the „German Books in Print“ database (VLB) is appointed price sovereignty, this is being shown as VLB reference price in every price field when moving your mouse over it. It means that this price can be relied on definitely.


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