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Overview of the data for a title

In the full-screen display for a title, you will find on the Overview tab links to the author, to the publisher, to subjects and much more. Using these links you can search further within the database.

If there is a further edition of a title, it is shown as a link using which you can access this edition.         

The full-screen display also provides you with information of the pre-order price and the subsequent retail price.

You can also see the title category by turnover (so-called star rating) and the sigla for other wholesalers and publisher delivery (Kö for Könemann, U for Umbreit, VA for publisher delivery).

In the case of e-books the digital rights management (DRM) used is indicated, also the ISBN of the printed variant.

Some titles are subject to sales restrictions for certain countries.

The related link opens a dialog box that contains the related countries where it is not allowed to sell the title.


Texts such as contents, a review, additional text, an author portrait or a pen portrait are provided in the full-screen display.

Additional information and warnings

For some products from KNV also basic quantity prices, such as price/kg or price/ml, for the comparison of products.

Sales promotion

If a title is included in a sales promotion, you can open this promotion from the full-screen display.

  • Click the Aktion [Sales promotion] link in the full-screen display for the title.

    The window with the related sales promotion is opened.
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