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Using the index

For the majority of the fields in the search form you can open an index with entries to make it easier to select the search term.

  • Type the search term or the beginning of the search term in a field and click the triangle beside the field. 

    Or click Index.

A table is displayed beside the fields. This table comprises a column with the terms in the index and a column with the number of related titles.

  • Page through the index to the next page or the previous page using the buttons displayed until the required or nearest search term is displayed. 
  • Click the search term.

    The search term is copied to the field.  

Keyword links

Within the index there are entries that also refer to other related keywords. These links are marked by a blue triangle beside the keyword. 

  • Click the arrow.

    The keywords linked to this keyword are listed.

Also use the index if you are looking for search terms with complicated spelling.

For example, in the Author/Editor field type only the letters szc and click the index button.

As a result you will find, e. g. the author name "Szczypiorski".

Some publishers have abbreviated or complicated names, other publishers have very similar names. The index will help you to search for such publishers.

It is not possible to display an index for some categories (e. g. the price). A message will inform you of this situation.

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