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Pricing for specific commodity groups

By pricing complete commodity groups, for instance all videos or all textiles can be priced. Using the pricing model for commodity groups you can calculate the free and the recommended retail prices for commodity groups in the KNV database.

For this purpose you can add a pricing model for both the free prices and for the recommended retail prices per commodity group.

Editing pricing models for commodity groups

  • On the Kalkulation [Pricing] menu select the Warengruppenkalkulation [Commodity group pricing] command.
    The Warengruppenkalkulation [Commodity group pricing] dialog box opens. The existing pricing models for commodity groups are listed in this dialog box.

The pricing models are listed in the first column by commodity group, in the second column by type of price.

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If you want to edit or delete a pricing model, click the related commodity group. If you want to add a new pricing model, click New.
In both cases you can edit or add the commodity group pricing model in the right part of the dialog box.

Editing pricing models for commodity groups

  • In the Warengruppe [Commodity group] field enter the number for the commodity group or click Search to find the commodity group.
  • Then enter the factors or fixed values for the pricing as described in Pricing with factor or fixed value
  • Click Save. The pricing model is added to the configuration or modified. The prices are re-calculated for all managed titles and reported to the back office checkout.

Deleting pricing model for a commodity group

  • Click the pricing model you want to delete.
  • Click Delete.
    A prompt appears as to whether you are sure you want to delete pricing model.
  • Click Yes.
    The pricing model is deleted from the configuration.

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