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Format, and destination for the title export

You can export title data from the title window, the memory list or a saved list for external programs such as ERP systems.

Export presettings for title data

On the Mandanten (Clients) menu select the Titelexport [Title export] command.
The Titeldatenexport [Title export] dialog box opens.

In the Exportformat [Export format] field select the required format.
For the format CSV also enter a separator in the Feldtrennzeichen CSV [Field tag CSV] field (it is however not possible to use the tab character here).

Select Yes in the Zusatztext [Additional text] field if the additional text is also to be exported.

Selection of the destination for the export

If you want to save the data to a file, select the related field.

Enter a path and file name in the Zieldatei [Target file] field. This path and file name is then used as the default on export to a file.

In the Anhängen [Append] field select the Yes option if you want to append the data to an existing export file and as a result an existing file is not overwritten.

If you want to export the files to a DDE program, select the related field. DDE = Dynamic Data Exchange. This is a protocol for the exchange of data between different applications.

Enter the related parameters for the title export in the DDE Server to DDE Item fields.

If you want to export the data to the Clipboard, select the related field.

To save the settings, click Save.

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