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Defining order transmission times

In you can enter up to three times per supplier for the order transmission.

The call times for the KNV call are pre-defined. You can define the times for your other suppliers yourself.

Plan a time buffer of at least 5 minutes for the call times.

In addition, you can manage different call times for Monday-Friday, Saturday or Christmas Saturday. Please talk to your customer advisor. Transmission times can be deleted again

Entering or editing transmission times

On the Mandanten [Clients] menu select the Bestellübertragung [Order transmission] command.
The order methods already added are listed in Bestellübertragung auswählen [Select order transmission].

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If you want to edit or delete a transmission, click the order method. If you want to add a new transmission, click Neue Abrufzeit anlegen [Add new call time].

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