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Selecting and editing modes of delivery

If you want to deliver goods to your customers (by post, parcel service, couriers etc.), you can add the related mode of delivery to the configuration. You can select this mode of delivery on completing the order slip. Modes of delivery can be deleted again

Adding or editing modes of delivery

  • On the Mandanten [Clients] menu select the Versandarten [Modes of delivery] command. 
    The modes of delivery already added are listed in Versandart auswählen [Select mode of delivery].

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  • If you want to edit or delete the mode of delivery, click one of the modes of delivery entered. If you want to add or delete a new mode of delivery, click New.
    In both cases you can enter or change a mode of delivery in Versandart neu anlegen [Add new mode of delivery] in the Versandart [Mode of delivery] field.
  • Then click Save.

Deleting a mode of delivery

  • In Versandart auswählen [Select mode of delivery] click the mode of delivery you want to delete.
  • Click Delete.
    A prompt appears as to whether you are sure you want to delete the mode of delivery.
  • Click Yes.
    The mode of delivery is deleted from the configuration.
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