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Editing ID numbers/sub-ID numbers allows you to work with several ID numbers. If, for example, you have sub-ID numbers for your branches, you must enter the additional ID numbers. The ID numbers entered can be deleted again

Entering a sub-ID number

  • In the configuration program on the Mandanten [Clients] menu select the Verkehrsnummern [ID numbers] command. Your ID number and any sub-ID numbers already added are listed on the left in Unterverkehrsnummer auswählen [Select sub-ID number].
  • Click Neue Unterverkehrsnummer anlegen [Add new sub-ID number].
  • On the right in Unterverkehrsnummer neu anlegen [Add new sub-ID number], enter the number in the Unterverkehrsnummer [Sub-ID number] field. 
  • Then click Save.

In a further step you must allocate this new sub-ID number to your departments. If you have not added any departments of your own, as a minimum an allocation must be made to the standard department std.

Deleting a sub-ID number

  • In Unterverkehrsnummer auswählen [Select sub-ID number] click the sub-ID number to be deleted.
  • Click Delete. A prompt appears as to whether you are sure you want to delete the ID number.
  • Click the Yes button.
    The ID number is deleted from the configuration.
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