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Customer address for MO

Customer data must be entered for each MO order. These data can also be taken from the regular addresses.

  • Click Customer data in the Order dialog box. The Enter Customer address (short) dialog box is opened. 
  • Enter the required data for the customer. 
    You must complete as a minimum the First name, Surname, Street / P.O. Box, Postcode and Town fields so that it is possible to deliver using the mail-order service.

You can also search for and select the address in the regular addresses you have saved.

Further customer fields

The Enter Customer address (short) dialog box only contains the most important fields for customer data.

  • Click all customer fields.
    The following fields are displayed.

Here you can enter for instance telephone and fax number and change the mode of delivery.

If you want to change the mode of delivery, modes of delivery must have been added in your configuration program.

If the customer data are to be saved as regular data, select the save as customer address check box.
If you have configured "Kundendaten sofort speichern = Ja" in the configuration program, the check box is selected by default.

However, it is not checked whether the data already exist. The addresses may possibly be added several times. Prior to adding an address, it is therefore imperative you check whether the address already exists.

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