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Titles found in the new search

The title window shows all titles that have been found with the new search.

You can refine or correct the search. You can order titles directly or first open the full-screen view for a title.

 Click to zoom in!

You can see how many titles have been found at the top and bottom left on the title window. Using the list box you can select how many titles are displayed on a page.

At the top and bottom right you can page forward or back or jump to specific pages.

The first column is used to select the titles.

The second column indicates whether an image (e. g. the cover) is saved.

The third column indicates whether further information such as additional text or an author portrait is available on the title, or whether a title is included in a sales promotion.

The SR column shows the number of stars in the star ratings. The number of yellow stars represents the turnover of an article based on order data or, for newly added titles, based on the estimation of KNV purchasing department.

In the Author column you will find the author.

The title is displayed in the Title column.

The name of the publisher is given in the Publisher column.

The international standard book number or European article number is given in the ISBN/EAN column.

The type of cover on the title is indicated in the Type column. (An exception are the titles from the VLB database, here the article type for the title is displayed in the Type column.)

You will find the retail price for the title in the Price column.
You can identify a special price based on the red exclamation mark beside the red price information.

In the IN column you may find an information number that provides information on the availability.

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