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Order data for titles that are to be delivered using the mail-order service

You can have titles ordered delivered directly to your customers. On request, the delivery is also packed as a gift and a greeting card included.

The mail-order service is only available in Germany! In addition, your must be enabled for the mail-order service and the address data and the shipping fees must be configured in the configuration program. If necessary, contact customer support.

 Some KNV items are excluded from MO orders:

  • Compulsory series
  • Items with information numbers that cannot be backordered (07, 17, 19, 20, 24, 43, 60, 88, 94) 
  • Bundled items

You can have the invoice for your mail-order service deliveries prepared directly by KNV.

The invoices to your customers prepared by KNV are listed on the Additional features menu in MO invoices for your checking. There is a link with which you can jump from the order number to the order book with the related order lines and order data.

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