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Entering customer data

For each order you can enter customer data, e.g. for the order slip. These data can also be taken from the regular addresses.

  • Click the Customer data button in the Order dialog box.
    The Enter customer address dialog box opens.

In this dialog box you can search for a customer already entered and copy the customer's address data to your order. You can also create new customer data.

Enter the required data for the customer. If you want to enter a mode of delivery, modes of delivery must have been added in your configuration program.

If you want to apply the customer data entered, click Save.

You will be prompted as to whether you want to save the customer data in the regular addresses.

Click Yes or No as required.

You are returned to the Order dialog box, the order header contains the customer data.

However, it is not checked whether the data already exist. The addresses may possibly be added several times. Prior to adding an address, it is therefore imperative you check whether the address already exists.

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