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Completing header data for the order

You can select a supplier and a mode of delivery, and in the case of delivery via the KNV ordering organisation you can enter the changes you want to the standard conditions. Within a so-called open order book is created. You can also order titles from suppliers other than KNV in this way.

The titles can be assigned to a department, the department is also printed on the delivery note.

You can assign to the order sub-ID numbers that you have added in the configuration program.

For the orders you can define an earliest delivery date and a latest delivery date. The titles are then delivered no earlier than the earliest delivery date and the order automatically cancelled if the latest delivery date is passed.

Orders can be written to the order book with the order status either entered or locked. Entered orders are transferred the next time orders are sent. Locked orders are not transferred, they must be edited again in the order book.

You can mark customer orders without entering customer data by selecting the Customer order option.


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