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Cross references


Using links in the title window

In the full-screen display you will find a series of references to other information. These references are designed as links.

  • Click one of the links.
    The titles related to the link are displayed. 


  • You click the name of the publisher of a title.
    All titles from the publisher are displayed in the title window.


  • You click the commodity group.
    All titles in this commodity group are displayed.

Recommendations and variants

  • You click one of the variants or recommendations on the right.
    This is copied to the title window.


  • You click ...display all.
    All variants or recommendations are added to the title window.

Searching further using series link

Using the series link in the full-screen display you can display the titles in the entire series with volume number.

If the number of hits is less than 100, the titles are already sorted by volume number.

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