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Restricting the search using filters

After the program is started you can see the available filter features on the right of the pcbis window. Using the filters you can restrict the search to certain categories and their sub-categories.


The categories are linked using an AND operator.

So if you select language = Englisch and electronic media = CD-ROMs, you will only find CD-ROMs in English.

The sub-categories for the filters are linked using an OR operator. If you select, e. g. in the Maps filter both Hiking maps and also Cycling tour maps, you will find both types.

How to activate the filters for the search:

  • Click the required category in the Select filter group box.

    The related sub-categories open.
  • Click one or more sub-categories to select them.

How to deactivate the filters:

  • Click Deselect filter at the bottom of the Select filter group box.

    All filters in all categories are reset.
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