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Using search fields

Author or editor

Type the first name or surname of an author or the editor in the Author/Editor field on the search form. 

  • In the case of titles with several authors, it is sufficient to enter one of the authors. In the case of authors with double-barreled names, you only need to enter one of the parts of the name.
    Example: Krone or Schmalz will find the author Krone-Schmalz.
  • You can also search by the first names of authors or editors. This feature can be useful particularly with unusual first names.
  • If you enter first name and surname together (e. g. Oscar Wilde), only these author's titles are displayed.

Title / Keyword

Type a distinctive, meaningful part of the title or subtitle in the Title / Keyword field on the search from.

Use distinctive terms or the beginning of words as keywords.
Example: "Wassern" will find "Nacht ueber den Wassern".

Titles that contain terms that start with the entry are also found (so-called "open to the right search"). 
"Rom" will find titles with "Roma", "Romadur", "Romantic" etc.

Using exact keyword

Complete the entry with a  (Key shortcut = Alt + . For example: Rom ). Then only the titles that contain the exact search term entered are found. 

Linking keywords

Type a meaningful part of the title or subtitle in the field. Then type a space and a further keyword.
The titles in which all the keywords occur at least once are displayed. 

You will often find a title much faster by linking the start of keywords. Examples:

  • "langen tasch franz" will find "Langenscheidts Taschenwoerterbuch Franzoesisch"
  • "kand kal" will find "Kalender von Kandinsky"

Two or more exact keywords are separated using a , the entry is also completed using a  .
nacht  wassern  will only find "Nacht ueber den Wassern".


Type a search term in the Subject field on the search form that describes the content of a book. The subject does not need to be part of the title. You can also type only the beginning of a subject. The titles in the databases are "indexed". To check whether the subject actually occurs in the data in the title databases at all, open the index.


Type the ISBN or part of an ISBN in the ISBN field on the search form.
The title that contains the ISBN or the titles that contain the part of the ISBN are found.


Type the name of a publisher in the Publisher field on the search form.

Some publishers have abbreviated or complicated names, other publishers have very similar names. You can also search for parts of the publisher's name.

  • spang or edition will find Edition Spangenberg
  • Graefe or Unzer will find Graefe & Unzer
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