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You can open the configuration program in two ways:

  • In or on the Additional features menu select the Configuration command.


  • Type the URL or as client the URL in the address bar in your browser.

Irrespective of which route you take the login window for the configuration then opens. Enter here your access data with Administrator permissions.

In the configuration program you can manage in your client the related usernames, departments and ID numbers, export function, order transmission times to your suppliers as well as the modes of delivery to your customers.

Within the configuration you can also add pricing models for articles that are not subject to fixed pricing, e.g. in Germany in the case of free prices and recommended prices.

Via the database configuration you can also define which databases are to be available in the search function.

Closing configuration program

Click Log out at the top left in the program (login window appears) or close the window or the tab directly.

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